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Do you pay $500+ per month for your telephone and internet service? Are you sick of unreliable, consumer- grade digital service? If so, T1 lines may be right for you.

The T1 is a versatile, digital service consisting of 24 channels that are combined into a single data stream of 1.544Mbps. All 24 channels can be used to supply a high speed Internet service or 23 telephone calls and data such as caller ID and signaling can be carried on a single T1 line.

You can also select "integrated" voice and data service, where half the channels are used for telephone calls and the other half are used for Internet service on one single line.

With the massive amount of available bandwidth, you will have the benefit of reliable, quick delivery of data without the down time associated with consumer-grade internet connections. We offer a diverse selection of T1 circuits.

  • Inband T1 Service: 24 voice channels to feed a PBX or other phone system.
  • T1 PRI Service: 23 Voice channels and one signaling channel for larger call volumes.
  • Non-Channelized T1 Service: Provides Dedicated Internet Access at a data rate of 1.544 kbps both upload and download. These can be stacked to lower data rates.
  • Integrated T1 Service: Provides both multi-line voice and data over the same circuit.
  • Dynamic T1 Service: Provides both multi-line voice and data over the same circuit. When the voice channels are idle, those channels become available as bandwidth for data service.

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