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With ValTech Communications, your business needs come first. We realize that reliable data and internet connectivity can make or break your success in the market place. We deliver data services tailored to complement your unique business objectives so that you can reach your goals more efficiently and effectively. Our robust selection of data services offers many secure solutions including: Business DIA, T1, MPLS, Private Line, DSL, and Colocation.


Our dedicated internet access packages are completely scalable so we can design a solution to suit your needs. We offer speeds up to Gig E!


An excellent, cost-effective option for integrating voice and data. This is ideal solution for those needing reliable symmetrical transmission.


Enjoy a network with faster communication speeds, improved scalability, increased recovery, and more flexibility to make you more productive.

Private Line

Our connection with many carriers enables us to navigate their diverse service offerings and merge them to create a custom private line with more value.


Get high-speed internet at an amazing price with blazing speed up to 7.1M. It’s sure to increase your network reliability and deliver the most value for your money.


Protect and control your hosting infrastructure while lowering your operating expenses and increasing reliability with our colocation services. This is a win win situation.

Dedicated Internet Access

ValTech offers outstanding deals on high speed internet. Our high speed internet packages are completely scalable so we can design a solution to meet your needs. We offer speeds of 1.5MB up to Gig E! Reliability is never an issue as these are priority circuits.

Increase Efficiency with Consistent, High-Speed Bandwidth
Plans Up to Gig E Download Speed
Guaranteed Reliability
Increased Security and Performance

Business Fiber

ValTech customizes solutions based on your needs and specifications using a variety of connectivity options. Creating custom dedicated fiber networks is one of the ways ValTech can deliver the best communications network at industry-competitive prices. As the demand continues to increase for bandwidth-intensive applications and services, enterprises must consider the latest technologies to enhance the value of their communications infrastructure. One of the most cost-effective ways to scale your bandwidth needs while future-proofing your company is with a custom fiber solution.

Unlimited Bandwidth at a Fixed Monthly Cost
Increased Network Uptime
Security of a Fully Dedicated Network Infrastructure
We Customize Your Solution to Meet Your Needs

Ethernet Over Copper

ValTech's Ethernet Over Copper system provides reliable, scalable internet service up to 60MB symmetrically. Ethernet Over Copper is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to fiber in applications that require high quality, high-bandwidth services such as voice, video, and business applications. By taking advantage of its unique pairing technology on existing copper loops, we can provide over 10x more bandwidth than through existing single line DSL technologies at a fraction of the cost of fiber.

Scalable up to 60MB
Uses Existing Copper Infrastructure for Fast Service Turn-Up
Symmetrical Capability
Low Latency
Reliability Backed by Service Level Obligation

Business T1 Service

Do you pay $500+ per month for your telephone and internet service? Are you sick of unreliable, consumer- grade digital service? If so, T1 lines may be right for you. The T1 is a versatile, digital service consisting of 24 channels that are combined into a single data stream of 1.544Mbps. All 24 channels can be used to supply a high speed Internet service or 23 telephone calls and data such as caller ID and signaling can be carried on a single T1 line.

You can also select "integrated" voice and data service, where half the channels are used for telephone calls and the other half are used for Internet service on one single line. With the massive amount of available bandwidth, you will have the benefit of reliable, quick delivery of data without the down time associated with consumer-grade internet connections. We offer a diverse selection of T1 circuits.

Inband T1 Service

24 voice channels to feed a PBX or other phone system

T1 PRI Service

23 Voice channels and one signaling channel for larger call volumes

Non-Channelized T1 Service

Provides Dedicated Internet Access at a data rate of 1.544 kbps both upload and download. These can be stacked to lower data rates.

Integrated T1 Service

Provides both multi-line voice and data over the same circuit.

Dynamic T1 Service

Provides both multi-line voice and data over the same circuit. When the voice channels are idle, those channels become available as bandwidth for data service.

Business MPLS

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) was initially presented as a method of improving the forwarding speed of routers but is now emerging as an essential standard technology offering new capabilities for large scale IP networks. MPLS enables network operators to dictate the path that traffic takes through their network and provides virtual private network support and improved quality of service throughout the network.

Faster Communication Speeds
Increased Recovery
Increased Scalability
Great Integration With IP Resources
Lower Pricing Than Traditional Frame Relay Offerings

Business Private Line

ValTech Communications Private Line brings you high-speed, dedicated point-to-point connections so you can securely transfer data between locations. Private Line service establishes a high-speed dedicated connection which allows the secure transmission of information between two locations. Security is controlled because the established connection bypasses the public switched phone network.

Offers High-Speed Connections
Meets Basic HIPAA Regulation Requirements
Controls Costs With Flat-Rate Billing
Highest Level of Security

Business DSL

Business DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) from ValTech Communications provides the affordable business Internet service you need with the benefit of optimum performance. Available packages and pricing varies by area but is sure to lower your operating expenses. By taking advantage of its unique pairing technology on existing copper loops, we can provide over 10x more bandwidth than through existing single line DSL technologies at a fraction of the cost of fiber.

Available Speeds

768K Download /384K Upload
1.5M Download /512K Upload
3.0M Download /640K Upload
5.0M Download /768K Upload

768K Download /128K Upload
3.0M Download /768K Upload
7.1M Download /768K Upload

Business Colocation

ValTech Communications co-location facility supports business needs with a secure environment and dedicated space for data storage. Our co-location service provides our customers with carrier class reliability, physical security, and network access as a cost-effective solution to housing your telecommunications equipment.

To find out more about our Data Services and how we can get your business connected to the people, places and opportunities that matter the most to you, call 1-800-800-7444 or complete our Information Request Form for a guaranteed response within 1 business day.


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